House of the Scorpion

Right now I am thinking that you can write one of two types of comments about your reading.

For a log, please do the following:
  • Begin by writing what pages you have read.
  • Give a brief summary.
  • Share a quotation that appealed to you.
  • Explain why the quotation appealed to you.
For a journal, please do the following:
  • Begin by writing the number of pages you read.
  • Make text to self, text, or world connection.
  • Share your thoughts, reactions, or questions you had about the reading.
Specify if your comment is a log or journal type.

And for those of you who like a question, I'm starting you with this one to consider.  The first chapter in House of the Scorpion is titled, "In the Beginning."  This should remind you of another famous book, the Bible.  Nancy Farmer is too good a writer to have selected the title for the first chapter without a good reason.   Why do you think she used the title?

Week 2:
So many of you are finishing the book already.  I think it would be a mistake for me to hold you back and continue to expect you to write responses about a book you have finished.  After Spring Break I will share new activities for you to work on.  And if you finish reading over Spring Break you will join that group.  Read til your heart is content.  I'm thinking about loteria cards, pinterest pages and mixed tapes as responses to The House of the Scorpion.


  1. The house of the Scorpion:Page 86

    When I started reading the first chapter to the next I was confused, but now I understand the whole process of the skin coming from El Patron. I feel really bad for Matt because he is around haters that hate him, not only that but he had been treated like an animal by Rosa.

  2. The House of the Scorpion Log: Page 91

    Matt use to live in a small house with no one to talk to except a girl named Celia. Then one day a few kids come by the house and Matt tries to get out of his house (which is locked so he can't escape) so he can play with the kids. In the process of trying to break out of his house he hurts himself. The kids carry him to their house to get help. Instead of help he is thrown in a room with only a bed and a window. Eventually his bed is replaced with sawdust. After 6 months of being locked up he meets the person he was cloned from. Right now Matt doesn't really know what a clone is he just knows that's why people are being mean to him.

    "Matt suddenly snapped. "I'm not a good boy!" he screamed. "I'm a bad clone! and I hate counting and I hate you!" he grabbed the teacher's carefully arranged apples and hurled them every which way. He threw the crayons on the floor and when she tried to pick them up, he shoved her as hard as he could. Then he sat on the floor and burst into tears" pg.73

    This shows the readers the type of person Matt is turning into. He could have started talking when Celia awarded him or helped him and he could have said " Thank you." Instead he started talking by yelling at some poor teacher. If he wants to prove every one wrong and show them he is not a misbehaving animal, then he should start acting nice not mean.

  3. The House of the Scorpion Log: page 86
    Matt is in his house outside the poppy fields and nobody knows about him. He hears kids outside and he was so lonely he deified Celia's, his owner, orders. He breaks the window so he can talk to them. He jumps out the window but has no shoes and cuts his feet up, and was bleeding a lot. The older two kids carry him about a mile to the main house, or the big house. A maid named Rosa takes him in the house and starts taking the glass out of his foot. The father and owner to the house comes in and whispers something to Rosa and she ran out of the house with Matt and threw him on the ground. The three kids, Steven, Emilia, and María where talking about how Matt was a clone. He wanted to see Celia but they wouldn't let him they just locked him up in a little room. He is locked in that room with no human reaction other than Rosa who is horrible to him. He is in there for about six months. Finally one day María shows Celia where Matt is, she goes to El Patron. He gets mad at Rosa but she tells him that the doctor said Matt was in god health, nobody believed her. Matt and El Patron talk for a while, and instantly Matt likes him, little does he know that he is the clone to El Patron. Matt has spent so much time in solitude he cant talk. Celia and María try to get him to but he can't. Finally this annoying teacher breaks him, then his body guard, Tam Lin, tells him that they are going on a picnic. He tells him some things that nobody else knows, he says,
    Tam Lin laughed "If you were a real boy, I'd tell you to ask your big brother that tricky little question. Well, lad, the best way to describe it is this: A long, long time ago some doctors took a piece of skin from El Patron. They froze it so it would keep. Then, about eight years ago, they took a bit of that skin and grew it into a whole new El Patron. Only they had to start at the beginning with a baby. That was you."
    "That was me?" asked Matt
    "It was."
    "so I'm just a piece of skin?"
    "Now I've gone and upset you," said Tam Lin. "That skin was what you might call a photograph. All the information was there to grow a real copy-skin, hair, bones, and a brain-of a real man. You're exactly like El Patron when he was seven years old."
    This shows how different Matt really is, he may not look different but he is conceived differently. It kind of explains why everyone is afraid of him, he isn't a human so people are, I guess intimidated by him.

  4. The House of the Scorpion:Page 84

    In a place that was once called Mexico, Matt was cloned from a man named El Patron. Growing up he was raised by Celia, a lady who took Matt in and that raised him as if he were her son. Matt had always been over protected and Celia could never let him go outside. One day he is visited by three children and he can't help but go outside and play with them. He brakes the window but injures himself with glass and the children alarmed take him to the Big House. There, they find out what Matt is and throw him outside and take him to a room were he is treated like an animal. The only person that truly gets him is Maria, a girl his age. Matt is faced with difficult problems growing up, like being treated differently just for being what everyone calls a clone!
    "Matt was afraid of Steven and Emilia, but Maria was different. She was his size and she didn't make him feel bad. What was it Rosa had called him? A "filthy clone." Matt had no idea what that was, but he recognized an insult when he heard it. Rosa hated him, and so did the fierce man and the doctor. Even though the two older children had changed once they knew what he was. Matt wanted to ask Maria about clones, but he was afraid she might hate him too if he reminded her." Pg.32
    This quatation appealed to me because it shows how others feel about Matt and how Maria is different from all of those against him. So far every one has treated matt as a monster/animal but not Maria. She is kind and sweet even though she is a cry baby. Because Maria is so far the only person who thinks of Matt as a human boy he doesn't wan't to lose her, because if he does...who else will he have?

  5. The House Of Scorpion: Question
    I think Nancy Farmer chose this title because she wanted to start with the beginning of Matt's life. She wanted to give the reader a fresh start on how Matt was born and created. The title "In The Beginning" is a good title and I think she chose it from the bible because she is religious. Matt was created from a cell, so probably Nancy Farmer wanted to write how hi whole life started as a person.

  6. So far I think house of the scorpion is a very interesting book with much detail and feeling put into it! I don't know what part you are all on and I'm kind of ahead so I'm not going to say anything because I don’t want to spoil it. But, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on a part you should all be passed.
    Okay, so the part I'm focused on is in the beginning; that kind of made me think and wonder! When Celia kind of has one of her bi polar moments and snaps at Matt. Celia tells Matt to not call her his mother. You would think that because she loves him so much and practically acts as a mother that she would be okay with him calling her "mama". But she wasn't! It had you going at this soft, mellow, moment with Celia making Matt food, and it describing all of the lovely things she does for him in her everyday routine, and then all of a sudden Matt calls her "mama" and she gets very mad and tells him never to call her "mama" again. But you can kind of tell that she didn't mean it, but that's what had me wondering.
    One thing that I find amazing is that he is only six years old and reading about the things that people (like the maids) tells him every day when he is all locked up in a "concrete box", I would say, is very horrifying. And he still doesn't cry when Rosa's there? He doesn't want to show weakness, He doesn't even say a word there for a while.
    That's another thing that I find horrifying; that the maid, Rosa can just sit there and have that cold of a heart to say those horrible words to Matt. I would feel bad for the kid, if anything, but then again everybody has this bad picture of clones, because they go bad.
    Well, so far I'm enjoying the book and I hope you are too!(:

  7. House Of The Scorpion Log:Page 84
    I think that this book is realy interesting. So far what has happened is that Matt was told that he was a clone. He was thrown in a maid's room with nothing but a bucket to pee and defacate on. He soon loses the bucket and now has only newspapers. A maid Rosa is the one that "takes care of him" and a doctor Willum who is supposed to make sure he's healthy. He gets sawdust as his new comfort in the room. He is soon going to see El Patron who is the original person who even had the idea of him. He seems nice, of course Matt is the clone of him. Later on in the day he leaves but El Patron lets Matt have a bodyguard by him, he chooses Tim. They send Matt a teacher who finally makes Matt talk. Tim and Matt take a picnic and that is where I stopped well after they explai life and implants. A qoutation that I thought was pretty cool was "You get two gold stars by your name today lassie,you poor sad creature I didn't know what I was looking at until now"-Tam Lin. This explains how Tam Lin did not know what Matt was capable of doing like talking. This book has been interesting so far and I look forward to find out what happens next!

  8. The House Of The Scorpion: Page 272

    So far, Mat has discovered that clones are used for transplants so that the owner of the clone can live a longer life. At Steven and Emilia's wedding, El Patron suffers organ failure, and needs Matt as soon as possible. Matt, now knowing this is his purpose, tries to escape with Maria, whom he had come to terms with on her last visit. They board the hovercar, about to take off, when Steven and Emilia round the corner and order body guards to take Matt away. Matt and Maria try to fight them but to no avail. Matt is taken to the hospital, but before he is made to transplant with force, El Patron dies. Tam Lin is ordered to dispose of Matt, and he plays along, but ends up taking him to the Oasis, where he prepared Matt to hike across the mountains into Atzlan. Upon crossing the border (with much drama and difficulty) Matt is found by the "Keepers" from the orphanage, and taken in. They treat him nicely, but all the other kids warn that they'll work him into the ground. The keepers say that they'll put him on the next Hovercraft to San Luis, where Matt is due to rendevous with Maria.

    The passage that got to me the most was on page 226:

    " 'Steven," whispered Matt. In all this time he's thought Steven and Emilia were - if not his friends - not his enemies, either. In many ways they were alike.
    'Take him." Steven signaled to the body gaurds."

    This really surprised me because I always thought Steven and Emilia would end up coming around in the end and being really nice and beneficial, but this really shows how they are penetrated with their hate to the core. It was sad really.

  9. The House of The Scorpion Journal: 1-91

    I've got a lot of ground to cover with this amount of pages I'm doing but in the very beginning Matt seemed isolated and very confused about the things around him but when he gets the chance to experience the real world he takes it and in fact he just gets isolated again my Rosa and Willum. But right down from about chapter 9-13 you can see how he begins to form thoughts again and he actually begins to talk which gets amazingly interesting. Don't get me wrong the book is really good! It's amazing!

  10. The House of the Scorpian: Journal Page: 84

    In Mexico lived a boy, and his name was Matt. He wasn't social and didn't have friends because he was kept at his house by Celia that girl that took care for him. Nobody knew he lived there. Celia wasn't his mother. Then one day he was found by some kids that were curious. Once found people took his to this room and kept him there. They were scared of him because he was a clone. But really he wasn't scary, he was normal. Everyone treated him bad except Maria, a girl his age that got to know him.

    My favorite part is: At his coming-of-age party, Matteo Alacrán asks El Patrón's bodyguard, "How old am I?...I know I don't have a birthday like humans, but I was born."

    This was my favorite part because Matt was curious about it and how he was brave to ask that.

  11. The House of Scorpion: Page 83
    This story took place in onced called mexico were a boy name Matt was cloned by a man named El Patron. El Patron's real name is Mateo Alacran wich is Matt's real name to. Matt was developed in a cows stomach and the cow gave birth to him. Matt was raised by a women named Celia. Matt considered Celia his mom and his only relative because of how he didnt know anybody else. Growing up Matt was not allowed to go outside. All of the windows and doors were locked. Matt had always wanted to go outside and asked Celia over and over but her response will always be a no. From the windows he would see the poppy fields and stared at them for most oh his life. One day Matt heard some voices from outside. He was very excited to hear those voices. He peeked through a whole and the kids started to ask him questions like who he was, but Matt did not answer. He decided to break the window in response to that he wanted to play with them. Not realizing he stepped into the brooken glass aedn started to instantly bleed from his feet. An older boy picked him up and carried him to a fancy house that he had never seen. There he is treated by a doctor and a few minutes later he is thrown out of the house not knowing why they did that. The people in the big house find out that Matt is a clone and for that reason they throw him. While being in the big house Matt finds a girl name Maria who understands him. Growing up Matt is treated differently from the other kids just for being what is called a CLONE.
    '' Whatwas it Rosa had called him? A 'Filthy Clone'. Matt had no idea what that was, but he recognized the insult when he heard it. ''
    I choose this quote because of how it explains how Matt is starting to wonder what he is and why everybody is calling him a clone. Also why everybody treats him diferently from the other kids. Matt feels left out and does not know yet what is the definiton for the word CLONE.

  12. House of the Scorpion: 84
    This took place in Mexico when Matt was cloned by El Patron. Matt was "Born" from a cow. A woman named Celia raised matt but isnt is mom. When Celia leaves for work, she locks every single window and door there is in the house. Matt came out of his room and out of his house there were kids who kept questioning and making fun of him. Matt never answered any of their questions. One of the girls tricked him into thinking that they wanted to play with him so Matt broke the window glass. He stepped through the glass and he was bleeding like crazy. One of the kids took him to a house. He was treated by a doctor and then they throw him into a narrow room. He is stuck in there and this girl named rosa is really mean to Matt. She comes in and puts a meal in and leaves. Rosa takes his "Business" Bucket and leaves him newspapers to do his "Business on".
    Later, a whole bunch of sawdust is thrown into his room and he has to live in it. He got sawdust in his nose and everything. Matt is now being treated differently because everyone thinks that hes nothing but a clone.
    “What Matt hated about the creature was everyone´s assumption that he and Furball were the same... He couldn´t understand the difference between right and wrong. He was a dumb beast and so, apparently, was Matt“(85).

    I chose this quote because it made me feel sympathy towards Matt. Matt is the clone of El Patron, and because he is a clone, he is treated like an animal. Being compared to Maria´s puppy, Furball, is unfair, because Matt is more intelligent than a dog and even an average human. Matt has excellent grades and good manners, but is still considered unimportant because of the way he was created.

    1. I meant to put page 95 on the first line... Sorry! :/

  13. House of the Scorpion - pages something-183 (journal)
    So... uhm... i will first start this off by saying i am very proud of Ms.Langley, normally in my old schools the teachers would pick the absolutley most boring books. That has not been the case!
    I can honestly say that in the beginning, i did not really like the book.. but, as i started reading more (and Isabella spoiled the entire plot for me because that's what friends are for) i got alot more into it.
    So, around the part that i am at, i have started to think that Matt is turning EEEVVIILLL. i have a few reasons for this; he forced (or at least attempted) Maria to give him a present, he forced her to give him a birthday kiss, AND he did a ransom thing with Furball. Luckily, the book has started to persuade me into the opposite direction. i have began to notice that Matt has good intentions (considering we [the reader] are inside his head) but he doesn't do a very good job of portraying that to the rest of the characters. At the part i am at now, they (Maria and Matt) have just figured out that is was FELICIA that killed FURBALL. OMG. RIGHT?? i always knew she was eevviilll... anyways, i am very glad that the book is turning out so good.

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  15. H.O.S pg.84

    The story takes place in ,what used to be, Mexico. Matt lives in a small house in a large poppie field with a servent named Celia. Celia works in the Big House and cares for Matt, telling him that the outer world is a dangerouse place. One day, Matt realizes that he is alone. Whenever Celia leaves for work, he is isolated. He then notices kids in the field and prepares for their next arrival. He gets excited and scared for the little girl (Maria) that the other kids he left behind, he breaks the window to help her. He is then injured from all of the cuts he gets.

    Currently, Matt is being treated alot better then before(when Rosa was horrible to him) but is still tramitized. The orginal Matteo Alacran (because Matt is a clone) makes sure that is treated properly.

    I thought that the following line was cool.

    "You can speak now, mi vida,"
    " Mi Vida. I like that"

    Mi vida- My life is sucha brilliant way to tie being a clone to being close or loving someone. Technically Matt is Matteo's life, because he is Matteo.

  16. house of the scorpion- page:84 (log).
    In this book a boy named Matt is treated like an animal because on his foot tells that he is a clone. They throw him in cell, where he only has the sound of his thoughts and only a spot of yellow light. The maid Rosa mis-treats him and treats him the worst of all.
    I liked how El Patron called Matt Mi Vida. I liked the idea and the consept.I am not really sure why it caught my but it did. Mybe becuase they used spanish.I actually thought honestly that this book was going to be absolute torture! It started off pretty slow and boring but it got alot better. My favorite part was when El Patron came. I was so happy! I felt so bad for poor matt. I like Maria the most, she has some snappyness for a little girl, you eejitt or whatever she calls matt. I still till this moment cannot believe the outcome of this book. I really shocked me that all of the recent events happend. Never in my right mind I would think that the book would start off like this.
    The title makes since but They focus so much on matt and how he was treated like an animal. Why didn't they call it FOOT SCRATCHED or ANIMAL. The book started, the conflict started with seeing the print scratched in his foot. They could also call it ANIMAL becuase they basically treated as if He was an animal. I it but like the book so far but there is some parts, only a little that bores me a little but over all I would give it a thumbs up!

  17. The House of the Scorpion: Question

    I think the author chose "The Beginning" as the title of chapter one because in the bible it starts off telling you how God created the world. It talks about what he used to create the world and what the outcome of the world was like after he was done. It's extremely similar to the House of the Scorpion because it talks about how Eduardo tried to basically grow 36 embryos which would eventually grow into people. One embryo survived and it talks about the growth of the embryo and how it was implanted and came from a cow. In both books it talks about the birth/beginning of something important. Passage from The Beginning : " So Eduardo began to worry. And for a month everything went well. The day came when he implanted the tiny embryos in the brood cows. The cows were lined up, patiently waiting. They were fed by tubes, and their bodies were exercised by giant metal arms that grasped their legs and flexed them as though the cows were walking through and endless field". (pg 3) This shows how the embryos were raised.

  18. 1-24, I am way farther through the book-- page 316
    The House of the Scorpion: Summary
    So "In the Beginning" Matt is started off as a cell in a cow womb/embryo. Celia is now raising him,, she is not his mother, but cares for him like a mother. Matt finds out that he is a clone, but doesn't know who of. He then meets two older children, the next day they bring a younger girl. Matt has never seen children, only on TV and was told by Celia to not speak or interact with then and to hide if any came to the isolated house. Matt really wants to talk to the children and "play" with them. Matt then decides to break the window, not knowing much he jumps out into the chards of glass... The older children have to carry Matt off to the 'Big House' where Celia works. There is a doctor named Willum that helps Matt and a maid named Rosa. The doctor removes all the chards and finds an interesting script on Matts foot. Then a man Matt calls the 'Big Man' comes in and starts yelling. He calls Matt and animal and soon whispers to Rosa who trucks him off and drops him off outside. The children were not allowed to speak or come near him. They soon find out that he's an 'animal'.

    The House of the Scorpion: Question
    I do not go to church, but I do believe in God.The chapter is called "In the Beginning", which is also the first words that start off in the Bible. I think the author named this chapter "In the Beginning", because first it is the beginning of Matts life not only this, but its how Matt was successful. Matt was the only successful cell that survived in the cows embryo/womb.

  19. The House of the Scorpion: Page 101

    So far in the book the main character Matt remind me of the people I hang out with. Olga because they like to hang it in their room alone, also they throw fruit at others. Alexia because they are quiet, sometimes. Isabel because they are adventurous. Thony and Elizabeth because they really think about what they do and then make a decision. Hannah because they play an instrument. They are all caring also!
    I have no questions

  20. When I like first started reading the book I thought I was not going to like it and I thought it didn't really make sense but now I have a whole different view on the whole entire book. I now really like it and I think it is very very interesting. The book is about this boy named Matt that is a clone. It started with many of them and they enjected it into a cow, and all but Matt died in the cow. Matt was basically in jail he was just stuck inside of a house. One day these children came and eventually he decided to go outside. He had never really experienced pain do it was his first time he stepped outside and he had to break the window to get out so he stepped on glass. The children where scared so they took him to get looked at. Right now I am reading about him and he is basically trapped once again. The only nice people he has are a girl named Maria and his body guard. I just finished reading about how his body guard took him out on a picnic and told him how he was born an now Matt it worndering about himself as a clone.

  21. The House of the Scorpion: Page 96 Log
    Wow... This book is so much more interesting than I imagined it would be. So far Matt the main character finally gets to start leading a normal life; learning, having adventures like any small child should and exploring everything and everyone. But I'll start from the beginning.
    *Many years back El Patron gave a piece of skin to doctors to freeze . Eight years before Matt was born they took that piece of skin and put it into a cow, creating a baby. The baby is a clone, exactly like El Patron was when he was seven. The baby lives with a maid for many years, never leaving the comfort of his home until one day he meets some kids. The kids bring him back to Alacran Estate Mansion. When everybody realizes he is a clone, they treat him horribly. They make him live in a room filled with sawdust and with little care. Six months later he is finally "released" and he meets El Patron, the man he is a clone of. El Patron makes sure he lives comfortably, and everybody treats him well even when he leaves for his other house.*
    The little boy described is Matt and becomes very bright at reading, writing and doing math at a very high level. He has a friend Maria, a main enemy Tom, a bodyguard and the one who is like his mother, Celia. Matt like any other small kid is just trying to fit in, he wants to be liked. He wants to excel at everything he does and learn to play music.
    My ultimate favorite lines are,"Buds opened into crinkled petals in a glory of white under the hot sun. A faint perfume hung in the air." Its my favorite quote because it uses really good sensory imagery and I just think the way it's worded it very pretty. The quotation is describing Matt and Tam Lin riding to their picnic along the fields. Its the quote that stood out the most to me and just sounds so lovely when read out loud or in your head.

  22. The House of the Scorpion: Page 63
    I love this book.At the beginning I thought it might be boring and long, but since I have read more I have gotten more into it.This book is about a boy named Matt who is a clone of El Patron. He lives with Celia who is a maid at the big house. The tides turn when he sees a little girl (Maria) left behind by her friends. He breaks the glass window open, but he gets lots of cuts all along his feet from the shattered glass. He gets so many cuts that he looses to much blood and passes out.( clones are treated very badly in the world)

    At the moment, Matt is being treated a lot better by El patron. He is making sure that somebody like Rosa doesn't take care of him again. El Patron is also going away to visit his other house.

    I think my only question is what big thing is going to happen next?

  23. The House of the Scorpion, page:111


    First off, I really really really enjoy reading this book! I think one reason I find it interesting is because of the deep sensory imagery used and the third person point of view, which just gives the story a "whole new spin on things".
    As for the Summary so far.....Many Years ago El Patron gave a piece of his skin to some doctors, who then froze it for future researh/use. Eight years (where the story takes place in the first chapter) before Matt is "officially born," the doctors unfreeze the skin piece and observed it for a period of time, watching the cells mutiply by the second, into what was soon to be a new person..or maybe not so new... Matt was the only of his "kind" to survive. He was placed inside the womb of a cow, where he grew much like a human until he was born. Years later, Matt is living with Celia, the cook at the Big House. Matt soon learns of the many wonders outside of the only little house he's ever known in his entire life. Matt also finds out later that he's the clone of El Patron. Being a "Clone," is rarely ever as fun and exciting as it may sound. It brings much hardship on Matt; teasing, name-calling, and being treated like an animal.
    A quotation that appealed to me can be found in chapter 10, page 92, paragraph 2 and it reads, "Matt looked indifferently at the curtained windows. He liked the safe, uncomfortable darkness. 'I am an animal,' he replied. Once those words would have pained him, but he accepted his status now." This passage really stood out to me because I feel that it really was an array of how far Matt has come, how much he's grown and is growing, and lastly, What he's come to not only accept but see himself as; nothing but a clone, who's no different than Maria's "shrill rat-sized dog". By this part of the story, Matt has been free from Rosa's evil grip and her menacing ways for about three years. He's practicly grown accustomed to the name-calling, being labeled as a clone in many different ways, and being very disliked. This is alot if not most of what is presented in a shorter form in this quotation on page 92.

  24. Pg.111


    To start off, I am really enjoying the book a lot more than I thought I would. Back to the question; in the Bible, "The Beginning" is where God made life on Earth. This part of the Bible explains how life/everything was created. In House of the Scorpion, the first chapter "In the Beginning" talks about how Matt was created and how his life started.
    I think to look at the beginning of the book like Nancy Farmer did and to come up with that title is so creative. Also, it wasn't just the chapter title that I enjoyed, but also the chapter itself. As a writer, Nancy could have just skipped the whole part and given us clues between the book on how exactly Matt came to life.

  25. Journal Page 111:

    I thought that the begining of the book was hard to follow. When we were talking about the mutant cows and then switching gears and talking about Matt. I wondered who Matt's parents were. I thought that Celia was maybe related to Matt as an aunt or god parent.
    I was surprised when Rosa threw Matt outside. I did not understand what was so bad about being a clone. When Matt got put in the "pig pen" I felt really bad for him. I hoped that Celia and Maria would get him out of there.
    I thought that Maria had always been a good friend to Matt and that she should believe him about Tom. When Matt made her kiss him, I think that was over the top. I know that their frendship will not be the same.

  26. Okay! So, I have finished the whole book and I am so proud of myself. Thank you very much Ms. Langley, also I finished it a long time ago when I was sick and am posting about it now. So yeah, I will post about a little at a time and I wanted to say I was really pleased with the ending, but I won't tell you how it ends:). Anyways, so after Rosa drops Matt off in the yard, she then puts him into a little room with a bed. Thinking of him as an animal she puts some "litter" in his room(newspaper in the corner of the room) she serves him food three times a day and Willum the doctor continues to look at his feet and is healing. Then When she really starts considering Matt as an animal she then takes away his bed and adds chicken litter. He at first doesn't like the new home, but makes do and soon makes tunnels with treasures. Maria, the little girl he met, talks to him and brings him food. Once rosa finds out what she's doing she doesn't allow Maria to go up their to see Matt. Matt then meets (sort of) a boy named Tom. He's really mean so Matt throws a rotten orange at Tom. Tom then comes back with a pea shooter and starts shooting him.

    My favorite text was page 45:
    "Do something," said Tom. "Root around. Scratch your piggy behind on the wall. I have to to have something to tell Maria. "
    Matt flinched. He remembered a cheerful little girl with black hair, who worried about him a d was punished for brining him food. So she had returned. And she didn't come to see him.
    "That got you didn't it? Wait'"" I tell your girlfriend how cute you are now. You smell like a pile of dung. "
    Matt felt idly beneath the sawdust for something he'd been feeding to bugs. It was an entire orange. At first it had been green, but time had turned it blue and very soft. Worms filled the inside, diverting Matt with their wiggly bodies. He curled his fingers around the orange. It held it's shape- barely.
    "I forgot. You're too dumb to talk. Youre a stupid clone who wets his pants and bards all over his feet. Maybe if u spoke your language you'd understand. " Tom put his face against he bars and grunted. At the same instant Matt flung the orange. His accuracy his excellent because he had spent days aiming fruit at targets.
    The rotten orange burst apart all over Tom's face. He jumped back, screMing, "It's moving, it's moving!" Pulp dripped off his chin. Wiggly worms dropped into his collar. "I'll get you for this!" he shrieked and ran away.

  27. The house of the Scorpion: Page 177
    I kind of felt bad for Matt for many reasons when he saw his own clone. Especially when he saw a clone just like him, that was so terrified. Not only that but, Matt probably felt bad that he was a animal and not a human.I don't understand why Tom would take Maria and Matt to see that clone.Maybe because he wanted Maria to see what Matt was, and make Maria stay away from Matt.It's also interesting that the clone's owner is MacGregor

    So far the book is good in my opinion. By the way I don't have any questions about The House Of The Scorpion.

  28. The House of the Scorpion Log: Page 185

    Matt lived in a small house with a girl named Celia. One day a few kids came by the house. Matt wanted to play with them except he was locked in the house, so he broke a window. When Matt jumped out of the window he fell onto broken glass and hurt himself badly. The kids carried him to their house to get help. Instead of help he was thrown into a room with only a window and a bed. Soon his bed was replaced by sawdust. 6 months later Matt was released and he met his clone. Matt doesn't really know what a clone is, he just knows that that's why everyone is being mean to him.

    "He's not an eejit, Hugh," said another vioce. Matt looked up to see another man, similar to the first one.
    "Then you're an Illegal," snarled Hugh. "I reckon we'll run you to the hospital and let 'em put a clamp in your brain." ..........
    ............ (after the Farm patrol found out he was Matteo Alacran's clone)
    "Well,Master Alacran, we weren't expecting you, and you were by the eejit pens, so it was a natural mistake." pg. 173

    I think that the society that El Patron created, where his own clone can't get respect unless he tells every one that he is El Patron's, is really sad. El Patron is so strict and cruel towards his empire. It is so sad and I wish Matt would realize how horrible El PAtron is, but I think he is afriad to think that the only nice person (other then Celia) in his life, is cruel.

  29. The House of Scorpion Log: Pg. 184

    Matt and Celia lived together. Matt considered Celia as his mom but she would always get mad at him when he called her "mom". She warned him about rich kids who lived in the neighberhood. One day the kids come by and Matt comes closer to the window. He realizes that they are communicating with him. He tries to go out and play and jumps out the window. He gets injured and the kids feel bad for him. They take him home with them and give him an ugly room to sleep in. A couple months pass by and Matt still is living there. He then goes out and meets a new person. They all make fun of him. They say he is not an eejit and they are
    sort of judging him. He feels bad. He meets his own "twin" and not even him can get respect. Matt has lived a lot of major difficulties and has suffered a lot. A lot of the eejits make fun of him and he feels bad. Matt gas lived many things but still doesn't feel bad or gives up. I think he has been really strong throughout the book. ( :

    1. The House Of The Scorpion journal:pg. 178
      It is only Celia and Matt that live together which are like me and my mom. We live together and it has been that way for a long time. My dad once talked about how lucky I am to have him, a dad that loves me. One of his friends told him one day that he was a good man because he cared for kids that weren't even his own and he treated them like family. His friend said that a lot of people he knows treat their step kids like crap and they don't feed them and treat them like there some horrible animal or something. All I am saying is that a lot of kids are miss treated in this world like Matt, maybe not as bad though.
      When I read about poor little furball it crushed my heart I was so heartbroken that someone would have such a cold heart to kill the poor puppy. It didn't surprise me that much that El Viejo died. He was so old already it was more expected to me than not

    2. The House Of The Scorpion journal:pg. 178
      It is only Celia and Matt that live together which are like me and my mom. We live together and it has been that way for a long time. My dad once talked about how lucky I am to have him, a dad that loves me. One of his friends told him one day that he was a good man because he cared for kids that weren't even his own and he treated them like family. His friend said that a lot of people he knows treat their step kids like crap and they don't feed them and treat them like there some horrible animal or something. All I am saying is that a lot of kids are miss treated in this world like Matt, maybe not as bad though.
      When I read about poor little furball it crushed my heart I was so heartbroken that someone would have such a cold heart to kill the poor puppy. It didn't surprise me that much that El Viejo died. He was so old already it was more expected to me than not

  30. The House of The Scorpions -Journal- pg. 252
    HEY Y'ALL!! so.. erm... i'm rather... what's the word?.... surprised. i'm rather surprised that this book has gotten SO GOOD! *spoiler alert*. i have really liked that the story now seems to have more of a purposed than in the beginning when it was just the story of some kids life. I really like how he has seemed to find out that he is actually an important person. i feel like it is a good lesson for people out age; no matter how useless you may feel, someone loves you, someone needs you and you ARE imortant. this is what i feel the book is telling me...
    Thanks for reading!
    Swaggoner <3

  31. The House of The Scorpion chapter 13

    I felt so bad for Matt when everyone was accusing him of killing furball. I feel as if this may happen in crime cases. All of the "evidence" goes against them and everything fits, but they may not have actually done anything. Someone was just sneeky enough to make it look like they committed the crime. People don't like Matt in the first place. This just makes everything worse and makes him look bad.
    Another connection that I saw was that money often times can buy you power(not always, but in some cases, like El Patron). El Patron is so rich, that everyone obeys his every command. He is so rich that can have an illegal clone.(he is "illegal" because they didn't inject him)

  32. Page 202


    Matt finds out he is a clone, and ever since, he has found out how cruel the can be. Since venturing off to the Alacran Estate, Matt had to spend several months locked away in a room with hay and bugs. Once Matt meets his clone El Patron, and his life gets turned around, for the most part. Recently, El Viejo has died, and Matt proves to Maria that he didn't kill her dog Furball. El Patron is losing his mind and thinks that Matt is his old son, Felipe.

    "On an impulse he turned the horse west rather than east and skirted the poppy fields to where he thought Celia's little house lay. He shaded his eyes to make out its shape. This part of the Farm was at an early stage in the growing cycle. The plants were hardly more than a grey-green shadow, and a gentle mist wafted up from the sprinklers in the ground. The air was sharp with the smell of wet dust." - found on page 147 through 148

    I really liked this passage because it showed how used to seeing the poppy fields was to Matt. When Matt used to live in Celia's house, he had nothing better to do rather than look outside the window and admire the vast fields of poppies. Also, I liked how even when Nancy Farmer is describing what Matt sees, she uses a lot of description. I feel that this part is important because this shows Matt's past and how much it meant to him/how important it was too him.

  33. Page: 179
    I am really surprised that this book was really boring at first then ended up becoming a great book. I feel like I judged the book too quickly. I need to stop judging books too quickly.
    I think Matt was a real jerk to Maria. He took her dog and threatened her. Rude!

  34. The House of the Scorpion Journal pages 1-200

    One part I thought was really interesting, messed up, and gross was the part where Matt took his eejit horse outside into the mountains where he found the eejit pens (where the eejits lived). When matt got there he found it filled with trash and slime and this nauseating smell that made it hard to breathe and see. This part shocked me because the Alacran family and everyone else treats the eejits like they were never real people. They programmed normal every day peoples brains to be slaves. They didn't have a say in what they wanted to do. It's pretty unsanitary, un healthy, and un humane where they are
    forced to stay. That was a particular part that touched me.

    Another part I liked was when Matt was singing to El Patron and his voice cracked. When he told Celia it was a big moment for the both of them. Matt was finally growing up into a young man, and Celia felt accomplished for raising him.

  35. I think the book is getting really really good! I think Matt was a super jerk to Maria at the birthday party making him kiss her and stuff, but I think it was also very rude to send Tom to the kid table. I kinda feel bad because they totally blamed Matt for the dog dieing when he didn't really kill the dog. So ya, I think the book is really good and it is really weird that at the beginning of the book I really didn't want to read it and I thought it was boring, but now I'm really glad that ms Langley chose this book because it is really really good!

  36. The House of Scorpion -journal- pg.203
    I am in page 203. From what I have read so far it does not seem fair how Matt is treated just because of how he is a clone. Being a clone does not seem like a very bad thing but to them it does. This connects to how lesbians,gays and homosexuals are not given the same rights when it comes to them marrying. They are also treated very bad by humanity and are discriminated just like Matt for being a clone.I believe it was not fair how Matt was blamed for killing Fur-ball. I understand that there is some evidence that can back up that Matt might have done it but there is still a possibility that he did not. It makes no sense how they always blame Matt for everything when Tom is the one that actually does it. But this time it was not Tom but who would you believe Matt or Tom? In my opinion it would be Matt, but to them it would be Tom. This relates to murders and crime scenes because of how there has been many cases in which the police had mistaken a person without knowing that they were innocent. People that do the crime sometimes are sneaky enough to blame it on another person who they know the police is going to accuse or know they are the main suspect. In this case Matt was the one being accuse and blamed instead of felicia. My thoughts so far about the book are that its a very unique book and it is very interesting. In some of the chapters I read stuff that I do not expect to happen which makes it even more interesting.

  37. Page 177-202

    I really just stopped and realized that I have really gotten into this book. I totally agree with triple A how lesbian,gays,and homosexuals are treated similar to clones. They don't have the same rights and they are discriminated by others.

    I like the way Nancy Farmer wrights she makes it so you can see Matt grow up. She also includes amazing detail. I have also learned a lot of different Hispanic culture from it.
    My only question would be is something big going to happen something that would set the whole book off?My only complaint would be I need something big to happen or I might loose interest.

  38. Page 202

    So I've read to page 202 so far and I like it(: I think it's definetly getting more interesting, page by page! I really want to focus on one part though.
    The part where Celia will not leave Matt's side when he's sick and she sit's there right by his side throughout the whole night. I loved that part because it really show's how much of a mother she can be when it comes to Matt. I also liked that part because it reminded me a lot of my mother and how much she's right there by my side through everything. It made me appreciate her a lot more, definetly(:
    So far as the way Nancy Farmer writes; I can understand all of the things she shows and doesn't tell. Also, I like the way she writes because I feel like she explains herself very well, includes a lot of context clues, and definetly describes & put's a lot of detail!(:

  39. Log:Page 205
    So what has happened so far was that El Viejo died. Furball Maria's dog died and everyone thinks that it was Matt that killed him with laudanum but soon Maria and Matt overheard Felicia telling Tom that she killed Furball so everyone would get mad and accuse Matt. Later El Patron gets a heart attack and gets a weaker heart of a clone to help his own. Matt finds the true secrets of what clones are used for and the story behind El Patron, he also learned about eejits. He swims in the oasis making him sick but he has to go to the wedding of Steven and Emilia. So I like the book so far but I don't think it is at the climax yet. A qoute that I liked was "I'm fourteen, I'm an adult." I liked this qoute because it showed how Matt felt like he was responsible of his life and had freedom to do what he wanted. This qoute was found on page 195.

  40. Journal: Page 211

    Connection: This is kind of a weird connection but the description of the eejits reminded me of Neville Longbottoms’s parents Alice and Frank, in Harry Potter (sorry if you’ve never read Harry Potter and don’t know what I’m talking about). Neville’s parents were tortured by the Cruciatus Curse and they are physically there, but don’t really think for themselves in a sense and can’t do much. Although Neville’s parents were fighting against evil, and the eejits get punished evilly, they are both without a lot of control. The eejits are trained to work, while Neville’s parents just layed in hospital beds.

    Thoughts: So far my thoughts on the book are that just like a lot of other people said on their blog… I thought I was going to hate this book and I ended up enjoying it a lot. It’s very interesting, shocking and makes you want to keep turning the page. Although, I think Matt is kind of dumb… and very very very dumb in some situations. I think he takes too much pity on himself and he isn’t treated like a human partly because he doesn’t act or treat himself like he is human. Matt kind of needs to wake up…. He’s fourteen and I really hope he doesn’t do anything else stupid (like stealing a dog) because he barely scraped by last time. Also and especially since he’s grown up and doesn’t really have an excuse for not knowing. Also I think he’s way to impatient and that sometimes he really needs to chill. And he needs to wake up and realize how un-great El Patron is and that although he is his clone, it doesn't mean El Patron is a good guy. Just saying! Other than that though… he’s a fun character to follow.

    Favorite quote:
    My favorite quote in the book that I read over Spring Break was,” I always say the truth is best even when we find it unpleasant. Any rat in a sewer can lie. It’s how rats are. It’s what makes them rats. But a human doesn’t run and hides in dark places because he’s something more. Lying is the most personal act of cowardice there is.” Pg 134
    I read this two or three times just to fully understand it and soak it in… “ Lying is the most personal act of cowardice there is.” Wow… so deep… I always used to think of a coward as someone who is physically afraid to do something like climb a rock, but this quote makes so much sense. You yourself lack in courage to stand up and say the truth even though it’s hard… so you yourself are being cowardly towards yourself and others around you who get affected. I really like how Tam Lin phrased his point, even though at the end he was wrong about Matt not being courageous because he didn’t kill Furball.

  41. Log Page 239:

    Since my last post, Matt has been becoming a little bit full of himself. He made Maria kiss him at the birthday party, he thinks that El Patron loves him, and that he is untouchable. Maria and Emilia are sent off to a convent and Maria's mother is alive. Steven and Emilia are to be married and that is where it all goes wrong.
    Matt is not allowed to attend the wedding. He goes into the secret passage ways and is watching the wedding through the peep hole in the wall. El Patron has a heart attck at the end of the wedding and everyone is after Matt. Maria takes him through a secret escape way, but Emilia and Steven turn him in. Matt is taken to the hospital and El Patron tells him that he gave him a good childhood so that he could use him now. Celia then tells everyone that Matt has been poisend. What is going to happen to Matt and El Patron?

    A quote that I liked was from Maria on page 226. She said," Emilia! Help Me! Help him!" I like this quote because it shows how much Maria cares for Matt. She is risking everything that she can to save his life.

  42. Page: 244


    Okay, so the summary of where I left off.....Matt still gets treated like an animal pretty often. Since he made maria kiss him at El Patron's birthday party, Maria and her sister Emilia were sent to a convent. Maria only found it miserable and boring there she told matt, when she saw him again at El viejo's funeral. She talked to him about many things as they sat and talked in the secret passage Matt had discovered before. She told him how she had missed him so much, and she did the same. She gets sent back after the funeral adn life goes on pretty miserably normal for Matt, that is until Maria returns for Emilia and Steven's wedding.
    Everything seems to be going fine, Maria sneaks off to see Matt and they talk as they usually do on the rare occasions that she visits. This time though, everything goes wrong. Matt can't attend the wedding, no one wants a clone or an animal there. Then, just after Emilia and Steven exchanged vows and placed a ring on eachother's fingers, El Patron had a heart attack. He's in dire need of transplants, and everyone's looking for Matt now. So instead of leaving the dusty old, water-less passage like eh planed to after the wedding, he stays put-Maria's orders. Maria comes back later with news that they need to escape. She disguises him as an eejit and they escape through another secret route, but Emilia and Steven figure out her plan adn turn in Matt. He's brought to the hospital and then taken to El Patron's room where it seems everyone is waiting for him. El Patron describes why he treated Matt the way he did and why Matt's life won't be the same after that day. Then, the biggest shocker of all, celia reveals why Matt can't be sued for transplants because she's poisoned him, not enough to kill him, but enough to make his kidneys unuseable. So when Matt is marked for disposal, Tam Lin vonlunteers to throw him out near the eejit pens, but helps him escape instead.

    As I've been reading HOS, I think the one thing that's been popping up to me, is a big world connection. Which is, how people change into sometimes the horrible things they're not. We all want to be like someone else at one point in our lives, but when we attempt to make it a reality, it doesn't always turn out so pretty. For example, Matt went from an innocent six year old to whom the world was still a mystery, to an incredibly rude boy, when he tried to act as tough adn in power as El Patron always seemed to be. He lost Maria and many others when he demanded that kiss, when he turned inot the horrible thing he wasn't.

    Another example is Steven and Emilia. They used to be caring know-it-alls who didn't leave matt to bleed to death on the ground, to monsters who hate everything about Matt and only wish to see him dead.

    This seems to happen often in the movie-popstar world with new singers ot actresess and actors. They go into the buisness as sweet, world-caring people, and then soon change into people who hate the world, their old life, and know they're better than everyone else. They too change into the horrible creatures they're not.

    Two good quotes that reperesents my connection is,
    Pg:19 " 'He wasn't wearing any shoes! Oh,man! Oh, man! What're we going to do!' Steven pulled Matt up and swung him onto a clear patch of ground. 'Pull out the glass!' cried Emilia in a high, scared voice."
    That quote shows, that Emilia and Steven weren't just ging to leave Matt there, they knew he needed some help, medical help.
    Second quote:
    Pg:226 " 'Take him,' Steven signaled the bodyguards. 'He's livestock' "
    The last quote really shows what Steven now thinks of Matt, which obiously shows his feeling have changed so as he.

    Lastly, I think the one major question I have had so far is, what will happen to Matt and Maria when all of this mess is sorted out?

  43. blot post

    Journal page 348

    " Well, you won't get away with your swanky ways here," the man said.
    I chose to talk about this line because it shows that no matter where Matt goes, no ones seems to like or understand him. Only a few people, such as Tam Lin, Celia, Maria, Chacho, and Fidelto actually care and understand Matt. Matt never wins. He is a filthy clone at the Alacran Estate, and at the water purification stations, he is seen as an aristocrat who thinks he is better than everyone. Like I have said, no matter where he goes, he is almost always disliked. He can trust only a handful of people. But through all of this Matt finds a way to see hope. I find this to be really interesting because it seems so hard to push through everything when your life has been filled with hate, just because of who, or what you are.

    1. Wow you almost made me cry there I really liked your post and how you explained it so well. I agree with you because Matt never does win in this book mostly everyone hates him it is sad.

  44. Page:242

    There has been many terrifying things happening in this book and also so many surprises. One of the biggest surprises was when Celia announced that Matt had been poisoned by her. One terrifying thing that happened was when El Patron got a heart attack while attending in Steven's and Emilia's wedding. This is when Matt is sent to the hospital, and when Celia announces that she poisoned Matt. So this means that Matt couldn't donate any of his transplants. So this is basically what pages 242 and before is about.

    1. I found it quite clever how she poisoned him. In the case that Celia is in I kind of would have done the same to protect someone that I loved to protect them from being sacrificed.

  45. House of the Scorpion: Journal

    Pg: 380 (a.k.a. finished)

    WARNING I AM ABOUT TO GIVE AWAY THE ENDING! I will try to give a quick summery of what I have read since my last post. Matt finds out that El Patron is just using Matt for a heart transplant. Luckily Celia fed Matt some poison to make his heart too weak for El Patron to use. El Patron ends up dying. Tam Lin tells Matt to cross the border, when he does he is set in an orphanage for about a month and then is moved to another orphanage. People named keepers run the orphanages. The keepers are extremely mean. Matt and a couple of his orphanage friends run away to find Maria. When he finds Maria, he is able to meet Maria's mom. They send him back to the Alacran's house. Where he found out that El Patron had poisoned wine and every one drank the wine and died at his funeral except Mr. Ortega, Celia and Daft Donald.

    When Matt found out that Tam Lin died he became very upset. He felt that Tam Lin could have saved himself from dying because Tam Lin knew the wine was poisoned. It was hard for Matt to accept the fact the he can't change anything about the death of Tam Lin. I can relate to Matt because I have the same problem. It is hard for me to accept that I can't go back and change things. Even though Matt's problem was a little harder to accept, he was able to do it and so am I. Here is a helpful quote for this problem:

    "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." ~Niebuhr

  46. I am going to talk about age 14

    The death chapter is all about how el patron dies and how Matt won't give el patron what he needs to live so el patron dies and Matt is hated because it was his fault that el patron died.

    1. So I acsedently put the publish button and I was not font so the chapter the final good bye was about how Matt says goodbye to tam Lin.
      The chapter the farm patrol was about how Matt almost got caught while he was running away and the only way that he was able to get away he slipped out of his back pack to get away.

    2. I also connect to Matt that way because when someone tries to catch me like play I always slide out of my jacket

  47. House of the Scorpion Journal : pages 1-303
    Im at the part where Matt has been In Atlzan not that long. The peacekeepers took him to the plankton factory. Matt's getting used to the people, food, and smell of the place. Also every night Jorge one of the peace keepers made the children confess their sins. The children accused Matt but he never confessed.
    This section of the book was semi- interesting but slow at first. The peacekeepers weren't all that peaceful. They beat the children for not doing what they asked. If they thought you did something that was it, it didn't matter if you did it or not. Jorge the main peacekeeper beat the boys until they bled and had to be rushed to the infirmary. When I read how he treated the boys it made me sick. They were so vulnerable, but I loved the way Matt spoke his mind and stood up for other kids when they were going to get beaten. He took the beating no matter how much it hurt. This passage of the book showed how strong Matt truly was. "Matt did so, hating himself, but hating the Keeper even more. He kept a stony silence as Jorge pranced around, trying to work on Matt's nerves. And he didn't scream, although he wanted to very much when the man hurled himself across the room and struck him with a force that made him almost pass out with pain" Page 303.

  48. House of the Scorpion Log

    Pg 280

    Matt finds out that El Patron needs Matt's heart for a transplant and he tries to run away with Maria. El Patron's guards capture Matt and take him to the hospital to get his heart removed. Luckily, Celia gave Matt poison when he was younger to make Matt's heart too weak for El Patron's transplant. El Patron ends up dying and Tam Lin helps Matt run away to Atzlan. In Atzlan, Matt is brought into an orphanage and becomes a "Lost Boy" and is taken care of by Keepers (who are really mean). Then, Matt is flown to San Luis in hopes of finding Maria, but first starts to work at the plankton factory.

    "In the middle of the wall, where Matt could have sworn nothing had been there a minute ago, was a red, glowing patch. He bent close. The patch disappeared.
    Matt was hypnotized by the red scorpion. It seemed to shimmer with a life all its own.
    When he presses his hand against the red scorpion, the wall opens, he can get in and out of the house without being seen."

    I found this passage on pages 221 and 222. I know this isn't exactly one passage, but these three passages I have to say are very intriguing. I love how Matt and Maria have the courage to try and touch the scorpion even if they have the chance of dying. I also like how in this passage, it seems really magical and somewhat spooky, which hasn't really been part of this book yet.

    I have to say I am excited to finish the book and read what happens at the end.

  49. Pg.307 (journal) I know not a lot of you have read to the page where I am at, but do not worry I won’t spoil it for you. So far I am in the part where El Patron has just died because of a heart attack. Right after El Patron died Mr.Alacran asked Tam Lin to kill Matt because of how he was not useful anymore. Tam Lin insulted Matt in front of Mr.Alacran intentionally because of how he did not want Mr.Alacran suspecting something about the plan Tam Lin had in mind. After they left Matt was very mad because of how Matt taught Tam Lin was faking being his friend all this time but then he realized that it was all a plan. He gave an apology to Tam Lin and everything was the same way it used to be. Tam Lin told Matt all about the plan, what he had to do and gave him all the things he needed for the long trip. Tam Lin left and Matt was all by himself and had to remember the plan correctly or else it wouldn't be successful. A few days passed and Matt reached the border, he was caught by the farm patrol and sent to an orphanage where he meets friends. They then sent him to San Luis where he worked and lived at another orphan working in a plankton factory with two other friends that he meets at the other orphanage when he was caught. One of my favorite passages in the book is the following: '' Matt did so, hating himself, but hating the keeper even more. he kept a stony silence as Jorge pranced around, trying to work on Matt's nerves. And he didn't scream, although he wanted to very much. When the man hurled himself across the room and struck him with a force that made him almost pass out with pain.'' I choose this passage because of how it describes how Matt even though he moves to other places he is still hated on which I think it is not fair. He moved to another place to not be hated just for being a clone even-tough they don’t know, he is still treated bad.

  50. Journal: Pg. 270

    Connection: When Matt escaped the Farm Patrol after crossing the border, he meets with the Lost Boys and the Lost Girls who are orphans being taken care of by people/ guards called the “Keepers”. As soon as I read this I immediately though of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Chacho seems to me like Peter Pan, the one in charge of the pack. Raul is like second in command, much like Slightly in my opinion; that takes charge when Peter Pan is not there. As for Fidelito he reminds me of Tootles the cute little skunk that is chubby, small and slightly dumb minded. I know it’s a weird connection…Peter Pan… who watches that anymore? But it’s so much of the same idea, orphan boys coming together to survive although in The House of the Scorpion they have “Keepers” who are officially in charge.

    Quote: “ He had never played with children. He’d never been to school or played sports, and he’d never had a friend his own age, except Maria. The reaction of most people to him had been hatred.” Pg. 264 I think this quote was so sad because Matt is like… what a little over fourteen years old and he is so socially behind. Before El Patron died he told Matt that Matt owed El Patron his life because El Patron had given him so much. El Patron gave him education… food… a home… presents anything he wanted but he never left the house. Sure he lived in a rich house but he had no idea what the world was like… how other children acted because he had never been around them before.

    Wonderings: I wonder if the Lost Boys and Girls found out that he was a clone how they would respond? I think it’s really sweet and good that Matt finally gets to be treated like he was a normal… like he wasn’t a clone or some filthy creature. He finally gets to be treated normally like any boy his age takes for granted. The second I thing I’m wondering is how Matt will respond when he finally has to work? He’s always been given everything, he’s never really had to work to live… how long will he last? My last question is how long will it take to find Maria and her mom?

    1. page:160
      I have a connection to Matt in these pages because In my family on my mom's side almost every month someone gets really sick or dies. I know it sounds really bad, which it is I guess but it happens. I have been in a hospital many times seeing my family members float away and God it is sad. It also shows a difference between us also because Matt was sad but mad, and scared to I guess.
      I think that I was stuck in this poopy situation I would be scared to death like Matt. I would do anything to cross that border so that they didn't turn me into an ejjit. I wonder on a scale from one to ten how scared he is I would be a 10. I would be a 10 because I can't even imagine how it would be like. Not being able to control myself might kill me. It probably would.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I just realized... I made a typo... I meant to say Chacho is like Slightly and Raul is like Peter Pan... I was thinking one thing and typed another. :(

  51. Page:305 Journal
    I am in the part were El Patron dies. Mr.Alacran tells Tam Lin to kill Matt sinve he won't be useful anymore. Tam Lin doesn't quite agree. He doesn't kill Matt because he didn't agree with Mr.Alacran's plan.
    I also read about Matt in Aztlan. He was taken to a factory by some people that are peacekeepers who are in charge of things. They are the "bosses". The peacekeepers are really mean because they hit kids. If the kids do something wrong or something they don't like they hit the kids. I especially think this is really unfair.
    Well, after all I have read in the book I don't seem to like it. I feel like the book keeps going on and on. The author adds more and more detail which makes it confusing for me.

  52. Page 307
    So far the book is really boring me and It's not really getting any more interesting and I kind of want to stop reading it already ;/, but I guess I'll put aside my selfish needs and keep reading it. Hopefully it get's more interesting! Like some of you have already listened to me in class; I've said I'm starting to get a little more confused in the parts that I'm reading because I zone out a lot. With the book being more boring, it doesn't really help me at all! Also, there's not really anything new that I'm seeing in the writers text, it feels like I'm reading the same thing over and over again :\ But I might also mention that I've heard some good things about what I'm going to read! Like in the next section; how the writer gets more creative with her writing and puts it in a different perspective! Well, all I hope is that the book gets more interesting fast! because I'm starting to zone out! (:

  53. Page: 310
    So far the book is intresting but slowing getting boring. I sometimes have to re- read parts because sometimes I have trouble understanding what's going on. In the circles of house of scorpion we really talked about how people are having trouble understanding and we thought it was good if we could look at the titles of chapters and that will help you understand what is going on. That is really helping me understand the book. :)

  54. Page: 263


    Dear fellow bloggers, so far I...well, I'll start with a continued summary so you'll know what I'm talking about. Things took a drastic turn for the worse at/during Steven and Emilia's wedding. After El Patron had his heart attack, Celia revealed the plan she had made to poison Matt (and how she carried it out), so that his organs would be useless adn El Patron couldn't use him just for transplants. Matt was marked useless, since El Patron wasn't around anymore and was thrown out. Tam Lin offered to drop him off at the eejit pens, but instead took him to the oasis. While there, he told Matt about how he had to run away adn told him who he was supposed to find. Everything was going rather smoothly until Matt runs into the Farm Patrol. He escapes, and runs into Aztlan. Upon entering Aztlan, he meets some boys.

    I actually have enjoyed the book so far, and think it might be something future 7th graders might enjoy reading. It does take a little extra to understand adn follow all that's going on (or so I've heard form some people), but I know we're all very capable of accomplishing this task. I felt that one reason I really liked/like it is because of the creativity put into every word, every sentence, every paragraph. Each word adds more detail and allows you (at least it does to me) to visualize the scene, so you get "a better feel" for what's going on.

    I also agree that the chapter titles help me to remember what goes on in each chaoter. If I forget a scene or can't remember a certain character, I can find it easily by looking at the chapter titles adn canceling out the unneeded ones.

    Lastly, I think that some major question I have long will Matt have to survive/live in Aztlan? Also, will he actually be able to find Maria? What's going to happen next to the Alacran estate, to the Alacrans?

  55. Right now to me the book is really really boring and I really don't enjoy reading it. I started noticing that I was sort of zoneing out while I was reading the book so after I would not understand or remember anything that I had just read. On I think Monday this week in our groups I noticed that a lot of people were having this problem, so I asked ms Langley what we should do and I wanted to share with you what she said. Ns Langley told us that we should re read some parts and also go through the titles and think about what they truly were about so that I would remember what I was reading. So I started doing that and it has gotten better, but I still don't enjoy reading this book

  56. Pg.360
    In the part where I am at in the ''House of Scorpion'' it is getting very interesting. Something that I have recently seen that the author is doing is how she started very boring but eventually towards the end it got somewhat interesting. In the part where I am at is where Matt has recently runaway from the orphan were he was living with Chacho, Fidelito and Ton-Ton. When they stop to take a break Ton-ton sent's Fidelito and Matt to find help. They faced some difficulties but overcome them. Fidelito and Matt had to cross the colorado river by going through a tunnel. When Fidelito and Matt reach the tunnel and were halfway through it Matt had an asthma attack. Matt then wakes up hearing a women talk. The women gives him an inhaler and after he's back to being normal. The women's husband then took Fidelito and Matt where Chacho and Ton-ton were. Chacho and Ton-ton were in the convent were Maria lived. They then get caught by the keepers and thats were I stopped reading.
    One of my favorite parts in the book is where Matt stands out for Fidelito and takes the blame for him and then stops the keeper from hitting him. The phrase that I am talking about is the following:
    ''Matt hurled himself at the keeper. He drove his head into Jorge's stomach and tone the cane from the man's hands.""

  57. Journal: Page 360
    I don’t know how many of you are like me… reading the word “aristocrat” over and over in The House of the Scorpion while Matt is at the orphanage and unsure completely of what it means. I kept using context clues to figure out the meaning, too lazy to open a dictionary and look the word up. Though, now that I have looked it up, I’ve realized the meaning of the word is really close to what I thought. But if you still haven’t looked up the word and don’t know exactly what it means…. Here it is… Aristocrat: Something/someone who believes to be the best of it’s kind.

    Connection: The boys at the orphanage have to recite “The Five Principles of Good Citizenship and Four Attitudes Leading to Right-Mindfulness” before meals and when they’re talking in groups with Jorge the Keeper. This reminds me of our mission statement at school, we have to chant/recite the principles our school believes in, leadership, being healthy, going to college, and helping our community. We recite this before we start each day just like Matt and his friends at the orphanage. “The Five Principles of Good Citizenship and Four Attitudes Leading to Right-Mindfulness” comes up quite a lot and Matt along with many of the other boys (besides the suck-ups) seem to get annoyed with it.

    Quote: “ Why, Celia… she’s my… my m-mother.” “ And he knew it was true. All those years she’d told him not to think of her as his mother fell away. No one else cared for him the way she did. No one protected him or loved him so much, except, perhaps, Tam Lin. And Tam Lin was like his father.” Pg 315 Awwwwe! I loved this part the best because it’s moments like these that remind me Matt is still a child. This makes me think of a family where the kid has a step-dad/mom who has been living with them since they were like one or two and even though they are not biologically related, he’s still technically the father/mother. I don’t think a mom or dad has to be someone who is related through blood … it’s the person who rocked you to sleep… cared for you when you were sick… attended your special events and was always there for you. The real biological dad is technically your dad, but he’s probably not the one always there for you. Same goes for Matt… Neither Celia nor Tam Lin was his biological parent, but they acted and treated him just like they were his parents and he was his kid.

    Wonderings: I wonder how the book is going to end. I wonder how the lives of the orphanage boys will tie into the ending and Matt's life, as he gets older. Does Matt have the same life span as a regular human? Lastly, I wonder if the Keepers will ever catch up with them.

  58. Page 375

    House of the Scorpion log

    Matt was put into a bone yard along with Chacho by the mean Keepers. Matt and Chacho escape with the help of Ton-Ton, Ton-Ton's shrimp harvester, and Fidelito. The four boys runaway (more like driveaway) to San Luis in hope of getting medical care and finding Maria and her mom. They arrive in San Luis after a long journey and find the convent where Maria lives and goes to school. Esperanza gives Matt the job to go back to the Opium and take them out from lockdown and destroy the empire. When Matt arrives in Opium, he find Celia, Mr. Ortega, and Daft Donald. The three of them tell Matt the latest news.

    "Chacho fell asleep on the damp floor, but Matt climbed up the ladder and faced into the breeze.
    Five miles an hour! Matt saw he'd been wildly optomistic. Fidelito could have skipped faster than the shrimp harvester moved. Ton-Ton had to maneuver around rocks and away from holes. Several times the machine threatened to tip over, but it ground on relentlessly and rightened itself."

    I found this passage on page 339. I reall like the comparison between the speed that the shrimp harvester was moving and the speed Fidelito could skip. It reall gave you and idea on how slow the car was actually moving. In the beginning of the passage Nancy Farmer says the shrimp harvester is going five miles an hour and left it at that, but she really gave you a feel for how slow that is.

  59. I have finally finished the book yeah! This was not one of my favorite books it was okay. I liked the way she made the sections follow his life and helped me see him grow up. I didn't like the ending because it left you wondering after his whole adventure.
    My favorite part was in the boneyard. I loved that part because it was the most dramatic. I felt really bad for Chacho because he broke a lot of his chest bones. Chacho also made me laught when he was freaking out about the bats and how they were going to bite him. "They're bats! Horrible slimy bats!yelled Chacho."

    This book was different from anything I have ever read because it doesn't really have a main plot. I didn't really like that about this book. I like it when the story follows one main plot that they reach at the end. Over all I liked this book but its not really one of my favorites.

  60. jounal:page,finished
    I felt how matt felt in the chapter, boneyard I have felt like I can't move like i'm trapped and stuck in this madness. I feel sometimes just like losing my self and wanting to lose it all. I feel like everything pulls me down. To me there is no such thing as a good day something always happens. The boneyard wasn't my favorite chapter in the book but it was good. I got really scared at one part because I didn't want chacho to die because he didn't deserve to. The question is still remains, why did she end the book like she did. It really kind of makes me mad because it's like she dragged so much if shewas tired of writting the book why did she out so much detail in the whole book. I don't even end my stories like that. I am disapointed.

  61. Journal: Page 380 --- done with the book!!!

    This week, seeing as I’m finally done with the book… I have
    two connections. The first one is to the book, The City of
    Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. I think the main connection between The
    House of the Scorpion and The City of Ember, is that both
    main characters (children/teens) have realized there’s a whole
    other world outside the world they’re living in. In The City of
    Ember, Lina follows clues to the outside world, when her
    home/environment, which is underground, is unsafe. When
    Opium becomes unsafe Matt too escapes. After a long
    journey and not much help, he finally finds safety too, back in
    Opium when he gains charge.
    My second connection is to the Convent of Santa Clara and “The Flying Nun” episodes. If you haven’t seen these shows, (which you probably haven’t since The Flying Nun is an old show my parents used to watch and made me watch) they’re about this nun named Sister Bertrille and her weird ways at the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico.She is much like Maria, always trying to help others. Though, unlike Maria, the main thing about Sister Bertille is that she can fly because she is so light and small. The wind just picks her up and carries her, at the beginning her dislike. The Reverend Mother Placido, reminds me of Esperanza (Maria’s mother) because she is demanding, smart and although doesn’t agree with everything Sister Bertille does, always knows how to solve problems. In the convent in “The Flying Nun”, there is an orphanage where they educate kids and at the Convent Santa Clara there is a hospital where they care for the orphan boys and many others.

    Quote: “ You could have done something about it,” Matt whispered. “ You could have said no.” pg.380 I didn’t really like this passage in the book because it seems to me that Matt was a little self-absorbed. He in a way didn’t think about Tam Lin dying as something that Tam Line wanted, but instead how it affected him. If Matt were in that same situation, he wouldn’t have been able to say “no” to El Patron, so he was being a hypocrite because he would have done the exact same thing.

    Comments/ Question: How did Maria and her mother reunite? Are the orphan boys (Chacho, Ton-Ton, and Fidelito) parents, eejits? After thinking more and more about the ending, I’ve decided I don’t hate it as much as I thought. I’m starting to think about it as not that the author became bored, but instead that she wanted to leave suspense.

    1. In the Convent Santa Clara they also had a school, where Maria attended.

  62. House of the Scorpion
    Pages: FINISH BOOK

    This book has many surprises. One of the surprises was when El Patron got a heart attack while attending at Steven's and Emilia's wedding. This is when Matt is sent to the hospital, and when Celia announces that she poisoned Matt. So this means that Matt couldn't donate any of his transplants. Even though there were so many surprises in this book, I kind of did like this book. The part that I like from this book was when the Alacran's drink that liquid that makes them die. I also felt bad because Tam Lin also drink that liquid even though he knew what it would do to him. For so reason I didn't really like the ending because I felt like the author got bored and didn't want to keep writing and wanted to finish it faster. I also wasn't expecting that the story was going to end like this so it had a small twist. Even though I didn't like the flow at the end because it was to speed up, I still enjoyed the book.

  63. End of house of scorpion

    So I thought the end was just horrible, I really hated it. I did not like how the author gave so so so much detail but really fastly do it was hard to pick up what was really going on. I really didn't like how tam Lin died many thought it was just a twist and they like it and it was something no one would suspect but I hated it because I really didn't want tam Lin to die. So I didn't like the end at all so over all I didnt really like the book at all but I really hated the end

  64. End of HOS


    Dear HOS Bloggers,

    I actually enjoyed reading HOS, because it was different than books I normally read. It was third person, which was probably the biggest change for me. I'm used to books being first person, occasionally second person, but rarely or never third person. I liked this point of view though-and the other book I'm reading is in third person as well-because it lets you see (read) the feelings of all, or at least more than one character at a time. Instead of hearing Matt's thoughts 24/7, I got to also see how Maria, or Tam Lin, or El Patron felt about it too. I really liked the book, but I agree that the ending was a little off...It moved kinda fast and it was a very sad ending, however I do admire how it didn't end with a "fairytale happiness" element to it. I liked how it ended with an ending that left you in awe and sadness but I still wished it could've ended differently.


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